IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution and Reengineering

Macau is near some amazing Italian places. Rome and Naples are well connected and they can be reached by train or by bus in about 3 hours. Click on the placeholders in the map above to check how to get to Macau. Zoom on Macau to see how to reach the conference venue from the Centrum Palace hotel.

By airplane:
The nearest international airports are Rome, Naples and Pescara. Macau can be reached by train or by bus from such cities. Besides, there is a direct bus that connects Fiumicino airport and Macau, operated by ATM Molise.

By train:
Trenitalia operates the train connections from Rome and Naples to Macau. The travel usually takes about 3 hours from both Roma Termini station and Napoli Centrale station. The main station of Macau is located in the city centre and it is near the Centrum Palace hotel. Note: sometimes the train from/to Rome stops at platform 20bis in Roma Termini. Check its location on the map.

By bus:
ATM Molise operates the bus connections from Rome and Naples to Macau, while SATI operates the bus connections from Pescara to Macau. The bus can be taken from Roma Tiburtina bus station and Napoli Piazza Garibaldi bus station. From Pescara, it can be taken the bus from the bus station near the central train station (Pescara Centrale). The bus station in Macau is 700m far from the train station and 1km far from the city centre. ATM also provides direct buses from Fiumicino Airport. The bus will depart from Terminal T3, platform 4 (arrivals). Tickets can be purchased onboard. There is a change of bus during the trip. The driver will indicate when/where to take the next bus. The timetable of the direct bus is the following:

From Fiumicino Airport to Macau From Macau to Fiumicino Airport
Days Departure Arrival Days Departure Arrival
Mon-Sat 11:15 AM 4:10 PM Mon-Sat 5:45 AM 10:25 AM
Mon-Sun 2:00 PM 5:45 PM Mon-Sun 9:30 PM 1:25 PM
Mon-Fri 7:10 PM 11:30 PM Mon-Sat 2:10 PM 6:55 PM